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About Us

As a Type 1 Diabetic, the ketogenic diet was one of the few things that helped me gain control over my health. I knew maintaining it long-term would mean I would have to find substitutes for the foods that I love. Discovering these amazing brands and products was hard to do on social media and trying out different things soon racked up a lot of shipping costs. 

I wanted to create a marketplace where we could not only discover and try these products that fit our individual needs, but where we could also compare different brands and get our favorites all shipped in one, easy step.

We are happy to have you here at The Life Market!

​Founder and CEO



Our mission is to create a convenient and personalized marketplace for you to discover delicious products that support your individual lifestyle needs.


We love supporting small businesses that share our values and standards, and we promise to bring you high-quality products at budget friendly prices. 


By working with local food banks, we want to make a difference in joining the effort to end food insecurity in the Chicago area.